Education has opened many, many doors. However, there are still innumerable doors shut tight -- unopened yet. These are the doors of the future. Perhaps one of my children will open one of these doors -- I shall help by giving  the key.

Bijous Academy, an institution which is propelled by the vision to leave no stone unturned to guide the present generation of students to achieve their dreams.

The teaching faculty are group of likeminded individuals who are academically experienced  who believe in nurturing the spark of joy of discovering and imparting knowledge to the students.

Driven by the insightful guidance and principles of the founder, Biju Babu, the  institute has  proved d again and again that “We deliver result and not just lectures” If your requirement is a Class driven by Concepts, Understanding and  enhanced development for a successful life ahead , do visit  the nearest centre to you and understand how we can ceate a difference in your life………

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  • Attendance is compulsory for all periods and examinations.
  • Conduct of the students in and around the institute shall be such as will cause no disturbance to fellow students or other .
  • The students are required to abide by all rules, regulations and instructions which may be issued by the institute from time to time.
  • Homework should be done compulsory, Homework will be checked regularly, if the homework are found to be incomplete, disciplinary action will be taken the students will have to comply with techer,s decision.
  • If for any reasons the continuance of a student is detrimental for the discipline of the institute, the Institute may direct such student to leave the institute.
  • The institute reserves the right to change or alter the final timetable of examination
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